Sunday, February 20, 2011

Free(ish) seating

When we first moved to Mui Wo, Buffalo Wilbur warned me to watch myself on the ferry during the daily commute. "You might find yourself sitting in unofficial reserved seats."

And I did. I got a few dirty looks from regulars who saw certain seats as "theirs". But I quickly learned the pecking order and now I have my favourite seats too.

It's quite simple, really.

The suits go for the centre rows, which are the most stable. Time is money so the moment they get in, they open their newspapers, iPads or laptops to squeeze in half an hour of useful work. This is the place for networking too.

The mothers and eaters take the aisle seats, which give easy access to the dustbins and the loos.

The sleepers make a beeline for the window seats. They plonk themselves in, close their eyes and grab a quick nap. Being by the window means no one will be disturbing their beauty sleep.

Occasionally, like today, though, we get the smaller ferry. Then all natural order is overturned as everyone rushes for whatever seat they can find.

I find it unsettling when that happens... which goes to show how much I have gotten into the routine already.

Now get off my seat.

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