Saturday, July 27, 2013

K's chippy opens!

K's has opened at the cooked food centre. Buffalo Wilbur was so excited he made me get there on the dot of 12.30pm, when it opened its doors.
Cod is HK$158 for a large, HK$98 for a medium. Pollock is HK$80. But the portions are generous. And the side dishes are value for money at HK$18 for mushy peas or coleslaw.

As they were doing takeaways only, we had ours by the beach. It felt just like a beach holiday in Britain, complete with rain.

The cooked food centre is certainly going upmarket, especially after the opening of Como Lake, which is getting lots of rave reviews. Buffalo Wilbur was their first customer and he came back gibbering with delight.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

GardenPlus market

Sorry I haven't been updating the blog recently. Have had a lot of things happening on the family front so haven't had the heart to blog.

But anyway, there's a marvellous new Facebook page that has all the current events, news, gossip etc on Mui Wo and its surroundings. It's a closed group but the admins are very nice people and will let you in if you ask politely.

I've been getting most of my news from there... ever since we lost Lantau Linker Diane Stormont. :(