Friday, May 17, 2013

Go on down to the Mui Wo church fair

The food and snacks are homemade and cheap (HK$30 for rice/noodles with choice of two dishes).
And the jumble is unbelievable. Lot of branded stuff (Le Sportsac duffle bag for HK$80, Burberry shirt for HK$10, agnes b wallet for HK$5).
The fair is until 3.30pm today at the church in Chung Hau village. The money goes to charity. If you get on your bike now, you might just be able to catch the tail end of the fair, when they are sure to slash prices further.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May fairs

Handmade Hong Kong's fair is on Mother's Day. They have some unique stuff.

And this one I have already marked in my diary. A charity market at the Mui Wo Church in Chung Hau Village. Buffalo Wilbur ain't gonna be allowed to sleep in that Saturday.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cheung Chau on Labour Day

We were at a bit of a loose end as to what to do for Labour Day until Buffalo Wilbur got struck by the brilliant idea of taking the inter-island ferry to Cheung Chau. It seemed a lot of other people got the same idea as the ferry was quite crowded (for an inter-island ferry, that is).

It was an inspired choice. Cheung Chau was bustling.
The famous buns were everywhere.

People queueing up fo fishballs. Apparently Cheung Chau is known for its giant fishballs. I tasted some and they didn't taste that different from the normal-sized ones.

Baby ambulance to get through the narrow streets.