Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flea marketing

Buffalo Wilbur always accompanies me to the Discovery Bay flea market on the pretext that I am the one who will buy everything in the piazza.

But it is invariably he who calls five minutes into the shopping to ask me for money as he has found yet another boy toy.

I didn't get as much stuff this time – I guess the days of bargain Le Creusets are gone – but I did manage to get brand new leather boots from a charity stall for HK$120.

Of course, no flea market visit is complete without a rummage at my favourite stall, always at the same spot outside McSorley's. The guy sells clothes at HK$10 for five and is always swamped by maids buying in bulk to send back home. I got three nice winter jackets, a skirt and a long-sleeved top from this pile:

I was so excited shopping I stupidly forgot to check when the next flea market is. According to the DBay magazine, this is the last one for the year but I am keeping my fingers crossed there might be another before Christmas.

Those who want to know when the next market is, just keep your eyes peeled for posters from PALS asking for your junk. They usually tell you the date of the next one.

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