Friday, November 18, 2011

Nice noise

Some people complain that Mui Wo is getting noisier.

As I type this, there are sounds of Friday night revelry in the restaurants, loud conversations on the waterfront and thumping music from some of our neighbours next door. Somewhere, there is a faint clack of mahjong tiles being "washed".

But you know what, I really like it. I like that the place now seems to come alive on Friday and Saturday nights.

Last week, someone had a party on their rooftop or terrace, sending 80s music reverberating round town. Buffalo Wilbur and I danced to the music in our living room, uninvited guests to that party.

And folks round here are quite considerate so everything quietens down after 11pm anyway.

It's nice noise – the sound of people having fun in Mui Wo.

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