Sunday, February 5, 2012

DB Farmers' Market

The new Farmers' Market in DB North is really, as Buffalo Wilbur noted: "More of a farmer's market as imagined by John Lewis or Waitrose." Everything was so posh and well-packaged... where were the farmers, where was the dirt?

The only organic raw produce we could see came in the form of leaflets by Homegrown Foods advertising their vegetable boxes.

But it was a pleasant day out, nonetheless. After all, we hadn't been to DB North before so this gave us an excuse to explore and make use of the free shuttle bus.

The food on sale included chocolates, homemade sauces, Iberico ham and truffles... so you can see how upmarket it was.

The cupcake stand did a roaring business.

They were sold out and packed up by 1pm, before most of the other stall owners.


  1. Hi Lantau Waterbuffalo. I love your description of DB farmer's market as 'Waitrose'. That is exactly what I would expect! I hope there was at least some locally-grown produce.

    1. Haha, thanks. Couldn't see any locally grown produce. But we did get some Iberico ham and homemade arrabiata sauce.