Thursday, April 5, 2012

Low-lying clouds

Never seen the clouds come down so low before. Spooooooky...


  1. That's a great picture - VERY evocative for me. I moved to Mui Wo at this time of year, in - hmmm - 1990. Long time back in the UK now, but it's raining here right now with that same kind of Lantau rain which I'll never forget. Enjoying your blog and pics - thanks for the memories and the modern of Mui Wo. Cheers, Steve M.

  2. Oh Steve, thanks for your wonderful comment. I will put up more photos of Mui Wo so you can revisit you memories. :D

  3. Thanks! If you click on the 'mitchsteve' link you'll see the Rainy Mui Wo post I was prompted to write after seeing your pics. Dug out some old photos too. Cheers.