Monday, October 1, 2012

National Day ferry collision

That's the boat that sank off Yung Shue Wan on October 1. It looks pretty substantial, so it's hard to imagine it sinking within minutes.
I take the ferry every week day to work and on the whole I find the staff are really professional. 
Unlike in the bad old days, these ferries have radar so how could the collision have happened?

The only worry I have as a non-swimmer (ok, as a non-water treader) is the condition and location of the lifejackets. They say it's under the seat but in some ferries, you have to run to the lifejacket cupboard and fiddle with the lock before you can access them. Imagine doing that in pitch darkness while your boat is slipping into the water.


  1. I heard there were quite a number of people died there. My deepest condolences.