Friday, December 21, 2012

Nitaya's Thai Kitchen

Our first trip to Nitaya's Thai Kitchen (Tel: 3489-1282) didn't get off to an auspicious start. The welcome was warm enough but when we tried to give our orders, the waitress couldn't seem to get it right (never mind that it was just F2 + D2 from the lunch set). 
After we finally got through (or so we thought), we sat down and waited...
... and waited. I got bored I started taking photos of everything in the place while staring enviously at the table next to us as they were served dish upon mouthwatering dish. I think they had about seven dishes between the two of them.
There was another waiter and waitress there but no one paid us any attention. Finally, after about half an hour, I asked the waiter what was happening to our order.

And, no surprises there, our gormless waitress hadn't put in our order. But strangely, the other two didn't think to check why two people were sitting at an empty table looking hungrier (Buffalo Wilbur) and grumpier (me) by the minute.

So we had to have our orders taken again. And waited some more.
But here's where the restaurant redeemed itself. The food was extremely good. So good we ate ourselves into a food coma.
The bill was extremely modest, even by Mui Wo standards. The lunch set was HK$43 for one dish plus a drink. And though we really shouldn't have, we had the mango and sticky rice (HK$39) for dessert and it was good enough to bring on eye-rolling ecstasies (me). Sorry, I was too busy rolling my eyes to take a photo.

Its location doesn't do it justice, tucked away as it is behind the pizzeria, next to the Bank of East Asia branch. But this is one restaurant that is sure to give the others in Mui Wo a run for their money -- provided it sorts out the service first.

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