Sunday, January 13, 2013

On the Olympic trail

We finally tackled the Olympic trail. We've been putting it off because the name sounded like it would be an Olympian effort. But it turned out surprisingly easy... there were even families with toddlers walking the trail. Actually, the only bit that we found difficult was walking over the saddle from the Silvermine Caves.

Once you get to the rain shelter, it's mainly downhill or flat.  
Pat Mong village awaits on the other side of the trail. It is home to the famous Sword Sharpening Stone (so called because the stones look like they were cleft in two).
 And the village watch tower, which doubled as the village school after World War II.

The rest of the walk to Tung Chung was relatively blah... but if you walk through the underpass at Pat Mong, at least you get the views of the sea and the airport. It took us about two hours to cover the trail and another hour trying to find our way to Tung Chung.

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