Thursday, August 15, 2013

Typhoon Utor hits South Lantau

The bay looked quite calm so I thought the ferry folks were a bit wussy not starting up the ferries again until 3.30pm. Then I saw Cheung Sha beach from the top of the pass...
 It had all but disappeared. The waves coming in looked like something from the 2011 Japanese tsunami.
I white-knuckled it on the ferry ride home. The big ferry was pitching and swaying so much I almost thought we would tip over, like the Trans Summer.

Then I looked across and all my ferrymates  were glued on their smartphones or asleep so I told myself I was being a wuss. But never have I stepped on the pier with such relief before.

My friend said that on the ride to Central the next day, the poor mainland tourists (unused to sea trips) were throwing up onboard. One nearly threw up on him as they walked through the gangplank to disembark.

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