Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vegging out

One thing good about travelling to and fro Mui Wo every weekend is that the pier to Mui Wo is just next to the Star Ferry Pier. It's a looooong walk to the pier but you're usually rewarded by somehing happening at the other end.

This week, we were early (for once) for the ferry so managed to catch the organic and fair-trade fair. It was super crowded so obviously many people make it a Sunday destination.

We bought some lovely baby peppers (red, green and orange) and chillies. The great thing about buying our vegetables straight from the source is that psychologically, they seem to taste better (the veg, not the farmers). The only drawback... don't be caught without your own shopping bag. The fair is so green you feel like so eco-incompetent asking for a bag to cart all your goodies.

The LOHAS Square fair is held every Sunday from 11am to 5pm at the Central Star Ferry Pier (No.7). For more info:


  1. Can't get. Ah Por using for terrorist mission.

  2. oh, u mean she finally got her fertiliser-derived explosives right? at her age, i thought she'd never... especially with all her experiments gone awry during rainy seasons.