Sunday, July 18, 2010

New reno

The renovations going well. After all that headache finding a contractor, the one we picked turned out surprisingly good. The workers are very neat – we can spend hours admiring the smooth, round hole they drilled into our outer wall for our cooker hood! Sadly, the McMug tiles we chose for the kitchen and bathroom were ou
t of stock so we had to go with the generic ones our contractor had to offer. But the workers have fitted the small feature tiles I had so nicely in the shower cubicle. Don't you think so? By the way, the bathroom tiles have a grey-while pixellated look, not the strange brown you see in the photos. The colours a bit off because I'd switched on the lights to get the photo.


  1. the smooth round hole? aiya... there's a special machine for that and it's part of your renovation cost la!

  2. Hello, I wonder if oyu have the contact details for estate agent. I am thinking to buy a small apartment in Mui Wo or around and before check the real apartments I would like to have some information by email. Pui O also would be OK. The budget is around HK$1.5-2M, do you think I can get something nice?
    Nice blog, I check it from few months already so I can have more information about the area.

  3. Definitely, for that budget, you can get a 500sqft, two-bedroom flat in Mui Wo town or a much bigger one in Pui O. But if you buy a flat in a village house, you will need at least 30% in cash for your downpayment.

    Alice from Findley Leung is great... if you can get her. Or just call the office and let them know you're interested. There are two of them and they are pretty quick.

    Shop C, G/F., Silver Centre Building,
    Silvermine Bay, Lantau, Hong Kong.
    Tel: 2984-8334, 2984-1870

  4. Thank you very much for the information. I will call then later and see what can I get in there. Which place do you recommend? I would like something close to the beach but no need Mui Wo center, at first I just want the apartent/house for 2-3 days a week and see how I feel to come to TST for work.
    There is beach in Pui O? How far by bus to the ferry, around 5-10 minutes?
    Thanks again.

  5. If you want something close to the beach then the villages are good. Wang Tong is the most popular.

    Pui O is only about 10 mins away by bus. But you can also drive there.

  6. Were is Wang Tong beach? Does Pui O has a close beach also?

  7. why would u want a beach that's closed? waka! waka!

  8. Yes, the beach is Pui O is across the main road, past the water buffaloes.

  9. eh buffalo... no pics of sg???