Friday, August 6, 2010

Battle of the Islands

There's always been some sibling rivalry between the people of Lamma and those in Lantau, with both maintaining their island is the better one to live in.

Actually, it's hard to choose between the two.

Lamma has the benefit of being close to Central, and has good seafood, a distinct culture and lovely greenery. There is greenery on Lantau, too, and it also has a land link, big beaches, amazing walking paths (you can trek for days on end). We had a hard time deciding which to settle in but, in the end, it was the land link that did it for us.

Lately, however, Lamma-ites have been up in arms over a feng shui article in The Standard:

"Lamma, of all the outlying islands, is poorly formed in terms of auspicious natural feng shui features, with a sha that is uneven and a waterfront that lacks focus.

"Lantau, on the other hand, is the best of the outlying islands since it is able to harness the right energy flowing from the mainland's famous Wudong mountain. The island is conducive for monks, nuns, monasteries and religious events generally. Such an area is also known as a 'big elephant protecting a small elephant,' which is auspicious.

"Lamma is an island that has no meridian dragon point, making it unfavorable for humans. But Lantau has one."

I emailed Kerby to see what he thought of Mui Wo in particular and this is what he replied: "Stable, with little ups and downs. If you like a tranquil life, good clear quality of air and solitude, this is the place. Otherwise, think of other alternatives!"

Looks like we chose the right island then, feng shui-wise.

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