Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beach walk and anarchist bikers

We took a break from the unpacking to explore the area beyond the beach. We've been meaning to check it out for the longest time because this was the area we could see from our flat and it looked like there were some pretty houses to look at.

Of course, we had to load up on sustenance before the walk so it was off to Bahce Turkish Restaurant (2984-0221) for some yummy hot meze platter and chicken dijon.

We walked down Tung Wan Tau Road and continued upwards but, just as the path headed upwards for the Discovery Bay, we detoured to the right and followed the countours of the mountain.

It was hot and muggy after the typhoon, plus we were hopeless out of shape. So less than one hour later, we decided to retrace our steps and encountered some rebel bikers ("Don't tell us where we should park our bikes!").

We didn't bring any water with us for such a short walk but the China Beach Club (2983-8931) was conveniently open today. At first, HK$35 sounded like a lot of money for a glass of lime soda or gunner. But the drinks came in a pint mug. After downing what felt like our body weight in liquids, we sloshed our way home.


  1. this is so ironic! know why the bicycle is not supposed to park there? coz the hydrant is right behind. and how the heck are the firemen gonna get to the hydrant without tearing down the fence first???

  2. Maybe the bicycle belongs to the firemen?

  3. my mistake. that's not a fire hydrant. fire hydrants in hong kong look like snoopy :)

  4. Oh ya. Let me go get a photo and post just for you.