Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rained out

The ferry was so crowded on Wednesday that I couldn't get my usual seat (funny how commuting makes me grumpy, especially I get if I don't get my favourite place by the window).

It was mid-autumn festival and apparently the Silvermine Bay beach is one of the popular places to gaze at the moon, walk around with lanterns and do amazingly illegal stuff like release flammable lanterns into the flammable forest or cram candles into a used mooncake tin and watch it explode.

This year, however, the moon gazers were foiled by Typhoon Fanapi, which created a cloud cover over Hong Kong. It all but washed out the celebrations too -- just see what the weather was like the morning after, above.

But it didn't stop the amateur pyromaniacs elsewhere: A traditional Hung Ming flying lantern landed on an MTR train near the Sheung Shui station while a fire broke out at Lai Chi Kok park after a mooncake box attached with lighted candles was thrown into a rubbish bin.

Maybe it's a good thing Fanapi made everything so wet there weren't more fires breaking out.

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