Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heritage tree

I got hold of some beautification plans for Mui Wo from way back in 2004. There, among the acres of concrete that the government seems to think is necessary for any countryside upgrading, was the lone heritage tree.

When my parents came over to visit, I left them to wander the town while I went grocery shopping. My mum later texted: "Come and meet us at the tree." Which tree? There are so many around. So I called her. "THE tree," she replied, exasperatedly. Finally, I got it. Of course, there may be many trees around but there is only one that can be called THE tree -- the spreading tree just outside McDonald's, the only green spot amidst all that concrete.

A few days ago, the tree started shedding leaves for autumn and it felt like I was on some country path as I walked through the piles of leaves. Today, I saw children having a fun time among the branches.

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