Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yummy teppanyaki

I love Japanese food and have been bemoaning the fact that we don't have a Japanese restaurant in Mui Wo. I know, I know, I'm totally spoilt... seeing as we already have an Indian, an Italian and a Turkish in addition to the local food. But hey, I'm a happy bunny now that Pui O Delicious (Tel: 2984-2298) has opened.

We first saw it emerging from our usual walk to Pui O (it's just across the road from the water buffalo viewing gallery). But it opens only for lunch (noon to 3pm) and dinner (6pm to 11pm) and we usually hike after lunch. So we didn't try out the place.

Then I saw its flyer in the Thai massage place and it strengthened my resolve to try it out. So, the next hike we took, I sneakily delayed it by so long that we finally arrived in time for dinner.

I'm glad we did. The chef, who is local, trained in Japan so the food tasted authentic. They have a teppan so you can watch your food being cooked – as in a traditional teppanyaki joint. And the grill gave a lovely smoky flavour to all the dishes.

The prices, while not dirt cheap, was reasonable. The dinner set is about HK$350 for two people. We had lamb, golden mushrooms, pumpkin and sweet potato tempura and rice and it came to HK$211. Everything we cooked to a T.

We will definitely be back. Maybe this time, I won't need to drag out the hike to persuade Buffalo Wilbur to dine in Pui O.

Pui O Delicious: G/F, 15, Lo Wai Village, Pui O

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