Friday, August 5, 2011

Speed demons begone

Why do the New Lantao Bus drivers drive as if they have a tight schedule to keep? It's not as if they have such strict intervals between trips – buses to Tai O come every hour or so during offpeak hours.

What was so important that the No 11 bus driver couldn't wait a few more minutes for a tiny calf to cross the road? He preferred to run over the poor baby in his impatience.

You can read the letter in Lantau Link here. Be warned, though: The photos may make you cry. It did for me.

The bus drivers speed down Ngan Wan Road too, barely stopping to take a corner into the petrol station.

I always worry for Mark's dogs because the bus drivers really don't care to brake for anything. Today buffaloes and dogs but tomorrow, if the school reopens, children?

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