Sunday, August 14, 2011

Non restaurant review

Buffalo Wilbur and I love to support the local restaurants.

But I'm afraid you're not going to be getting a review of Casa Brasil anytime soon – not if these are the prices they're charging.

Wine is about HK$65 a glass. That's almost as much as some Soho restaurants are charging.

I'm sure the food is good and will probably justify those prices but we don't have that type of money to spend on a non-special occasion.

Pity really because I do like the idea of a hearty Brazilian meal. (And in case you're thinking this is some pathetic attempt to eat for free or something, no, I don't do that. That's why I prefer to stay anonymous and write about stuff I genuinely like.)

If you want to know what the food tastes like, Lantau Link has been there and posted their comments.


  1. I am sorry Sr. but I can not agree with you, the price
    It is quite affordable specially if you consider the generous
    main courses, I would say it is cheaper than some western
    restaurants in Tung Chung and Discovery bay, not to mention
    the amazing taste. I normally don’t drink wine, I prefer their
    extra cold beer , but I suppose they buy their wines in the same
    supplier of all the others, it is a good suggestion for them to
    choose cheaper types of wine for the less unfortunates.

    The taste is just amazing!!!

    If we consider that just because it is in Mui wo we have to eat cheap, the village will never have a decent restaurant.

  2. That's good to hear! I do hope it does well as Mui Wo can always do with more eating options.

    But I'm afraid it's still too much for my budget.