Friday, January 27, 2012

Can normal service resume already?

I like living in a tourist destination.

But I almost missed my ferry home today because of the huge number of tourists, both local and from abroad, taking advantage of the long Chinese New year holidays – and blocking my way to the pier.

To be fair, they were just being tourists.

They ambled along the overhead bridge, taking photos and generally looking gormless. They came to abrupt stops at the head of stairs to change direction, causing those behind them to collide like dominoes.

And on the ferry, they paused just beyond the gangplank, blocking others behind them, as they dithered over where to sit.

Those pushing past them stumbled on pull-along bags others had carelessly left on the aisle.

How I miss the savvy ferry commuters who have internalised the unwritten rules: give way to people in a hurry on the overhead bridge, pay by Octopus, head straight for your usual seat, don't take up the entire row...

Ah well, hopefully normal service will resume on Monday.

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