Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter sniffles

If you're *coff coff* wondering why I have gone all quiet *coff coff* it's because the winter cold has *coff coff* set in. The whole family - apart from the cat - has come down with a bad case *ah choo* of the sniffles.

Even the *coff coff* ferries have a new welcome announcement, telling people to cover their noses and mouths when *ah choo* coughing or sneezing. *excuse me*

We have been *coff coff* surviving on chicken soup for the past week. I know you're supposed to *ah choo* boil an entire chicken but I was too wiped out to cut up a chicken.

Here's my recipe for a simple chicken soup.

4 drumsticks (that's all they had at Park N Shop)
1 onion
3 sticks of celery
10 baby carrots
2 potatoes, cubed
4 tomatoes (optional but they add a nice sourness to the soup)
1 litre water
1 bay leaf
Sprinkle of tarragon

1) Brown the onions and chicken parts in as little oil as possible.
2) Add vegetables, soften.
3) Add water, bay leaf and tarragon.
4) Simmer for 2 hours.
5) Skim off scum, add salt to taste, serve.

The soup is perfect for sick cooks because you can bung everything in, turn the heat right down and nap for a bit. It goes well with Kit's crusty bread from The Kitchen.

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