Monday, July 23, 2012

Perfect (10) storm

First typhoon signal 10 in 13 years and I must confess it terrified me. We didn't get very much sleep last night as we rushed about taping down the windows and then, just as we started to fall asleep, things started crashing about.

We waited for the ferries to start operating again but this was the sign that met us at the pier. Really? We knew since 8am that the signal was going to be downgraded to a T3. It takes close to three hours to react? And why, when they know how much pent-up demand there is for people desperate to go to work, do they put the slow ferry first?

Kudos to the New Lantao Bus company for getting buses out within minutes of the signal being lowered. The ride to Tung Chung extended my journey time by an hour but heck, that's better than having to explain to the boss why I could only get into office four hours after the T8 was lowered.

Luckily, good ol' McD's opened early for the hungry hoards waiting to get to work.

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