Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bebinca spoils the weekend

So we didn't go to Motion in the Ocean on Saturday because the weather report said rough seas and heavy rain. Only to find out they did go ahead with the event.

Then we went for the flea market only to see this sign:

Apparently it too even the sellers by surprise. They said they didn't know until they had lugged all their stuff to the plaza... by which time it was too late. But a flea market of sorts did still go on.
 Many enterprising sellers set up shop by the walkway.
 And under the umbrellas in the plaza.

It turned out to be surprisingly fun. And I managed to get some bargains as the sellers were just interested in ensuring they didn't have to lug all the stuff back again.
But don't forget, the flea market proper will be on June 30.

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