Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Speed bumps on South Lantau Road now!

This picture is from Lindsey Price. Six cows were killed outside Tong Fuk this morning. And from the extent of the carnage it has to be a big truck that just plowed through a herd.

First Gavin Spier, now a whole herd of cows.

What are the traffic police doing? What are they waiting for? A kid? How horrible does it have to be before they actually do something?

The police have had it easy these past few years but now traffic is getting heavier on South Lantau Road, with more people moving into the area.

I heard that a lot of these people are not moving to Lantau because they love the easygoing countryside living but because they have been forced out of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon thanks to high property prices.

So they bring their impatient city lifestyle with them... and that includes not having the patience to wait for a few cows to amble across the road.

Something needs to be done now. Just a few speed bumps could make a difference 1) in making all cars slow down 2) in stopping supercar racers from entering South Lantau Road -- the bumps will do damage to their oh-so-expensive chassis.

Some Lantau folks are getting up a campaign but in the meantime, report all cases of reckless driving to the traffic police here. Let's make them do some work rather than while away their time on endless McDonald's runs.  

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