Saturday, September 3, 2011

More ways to spend money

We've walked past this shop in Chung Hau village for the past two years and have never seen it open. In it was a pair of silver earrings shaped like the Chinese character for double happiness with a HK$28 price tag on it that I absolutely coveted.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw it was open during our walk today, with leather curtains up and everything.

The shop isn't very big, just a small lean-to tagged onto the hairdresser's next door. But it has lots of quaint items such as earrings made of guitar picks and picture badges.

The owner, Arale, also owns the pet shop opposite so if the shop's closed and you see something you want to buy in the window, just pop across and ask her to open it for you.

If I'd known that, I'd have been the proud owner of those silver earrings two years ago.

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