Thursday, September 29, 2011

Typhoon tale – More on Nesat

See how gusty the winds and how big the waves are in Mui Wo? This looks like it was taken next to the ferry pier.

For those who are wondering, I did manage to get to work.

After numerous calls to the taxi hotline only to be told: "No taxi, call back later," I got fed up and went downstairs to see if I could pick up any drivers loitering with intent around Park N Shop.

I did finally find a taxi driver who was willing to take me over the mountain pass in a T8 AND use the meter.

He was such a sweetie I asked him for his phone number, which I would be happy to share on request (Note though you need to speak some basic Cantonese to book him).

The ride was particularly harrowing when the taxi reached the topmost point and you could feel it being buffeted by cross-winds.

On the way, I spotted a few lost souls wandering about and waving wild-eyed at my taxi. I would have stopped to offer them a ride but my Cantonese totally failed me at that point.

I wonder whether those of us who need to get to work on a T8 should band together for a Typhoon Club or something and taxi-pool, seeing as there are so few taxis to go round.

Thankfully, the signal was downgraded to T3 by the time I has to get home so I could catch a ferry back instead of having to repeat my two-hour trek.

I did feel a bit sorry for the ferry crew, though. They were braving "rough and very rough" sea conditions (to quote the HKO) for only seven of us. There were possibly more crew members than passengers in board.

But phew, I am home again and have lived to tell the typhoon tale.

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