Friday, December 23, 2011

Cable-car trip

We've always wanted to take the cable car but were deterred by the long queues snaking round Tung Chung. Then one Mui Wo resident shared his secret with us: Take the cable car down. Doh!

So we hopped on the No 2 bus to get to Ngong Ping early – which was good because the crowds hadn't had time to make their way up the mountain yet in the cable cars.

After a quick look around, we took the glass-bottomed Crystal Cabin down. Sheer bliss... because we were taking the HK$130 instead of the HK$85 option plus it was still early in the day, there was no queue.

We walked right up to the front and within minutes, our car arrived. And when I say our, I mean that we had the entire cabin, which normally seats up to eight, to ourselves. Others would have had to pay HK$3,200 for the privilege of a private cabin.

So we could walk round the entire cabin to get the best shots, and even lie on the bottom to get vertiginous pictures and videos like these:

The half hour 5.7km journey was smooth and felt really safe,even when the car was being buffeted by winds. The only time I started panicking a bit was when we went over water.

It was such a great trip that we wondered why it took us so long to do it. But then, as Buffalo Wilbur wisely pointed out, we have to keep some things for next time...

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