Friday, December 9, 2011

Ngong Ping, finally

It's embarrassing to confess this but, despite living in Mui Wo, we haven't gone to Ngong Ping... until now. Determined to get our arses in gear and finally see the Big Buddha, we got on the 11.30am bus and prepared for an adventure.

I had the impression that it would all be very Buddhist but it actually turned out to be quite fun. Ngong Ping Village is like a cross between a ski resort (but without the snow) and Disneyland (but without the exorbitant entry fees).

I think it's best seen during winter. That open square must be baking in summer.
An added reason to go: Free chocolate tasting until January 2! Marshmallows dipped in Leonidas chocolate. Yummy!

These are hand-crafted chocolate figurines. If I remember correctly, they cost HK$120 each.

Another must-do is trying out the vegetarian meal at the Po Lin Monastery. You have a choice of the HK$60 or the HK$100 per person menu. We checked and there didn't seem to be much difference in terms of the dishes serves. Apparently the ambience is nicer for the more expensive menu but we were pretty happy with the more local atmosphere.

The meal was wonderfully cooked, plus you had the added smugness of being able to tell yourself it was all vegetables and therefore healthier(ish).

We enjoyed ourselves so much we couldn't believe we took so long to get to Ngong Ping. Best part is, it's only a half-hour bus ride away, so we are definitely going to do it more often!