Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hiking, Korean style

We have been seeing more and more hikers on our favourite Mui Wo-Pui O trail now that the weather is perfect for hitting the trails.

Most of us are well-equipped with walking sticks, proper hiking boots and fleeces but the Korean hikers beat us all flat.

On our walk today, we spotted a group that also brought along a portable stove. They set up camp at the Shap Long sitting-out area and promptly began to get the stove going to make den jang jjigae.

Then, from the other backpacks, other goodies started emerging: apples, sandwiches, kimbap, dok and even a container full of homemade radish kimchi.

They saw us casting envious looks and generously offered to share their food with us. So, with the sun on our faces and the sea breeze helping us work up an appetite, we took part in one of the best picnics we've ever known.

To the lovely folks who made our routine hike so much more special: 감사합니다!

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