Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Four legs good...

Please leave the buffaloes alone!
The Lantau Buffalo Association notes that it's that time of the year again, when summer visitors descend on Mui Wo and the surrounding villages, drink themselves silly... and our placid buffaloes become fair game for their drunken teasing.

The drunks don't get prosecuted but if the buffaloes retaliate, they get killed.

What is wrong with humans? The buffaloes are quite happy to mind their own business, why can't humans do the same?

On that note, what have buffaloes done to Jason Ali that's got him so riled up?

Almost annually now, he writes to SCMP and insists that the buffaloes are a menace and need to be penned up. And almost annually, he gets irate responses from Lantau residents telling him to let the pathetic remnants of the herd be.

I'd have thought he'd get the message by now.

Anyway, I think LBA has the right solution: a working buffalo farm and homestay for South Lantau - like the one they have in Fairburn, Canada.

Think about it. Lovely green acres, buffaloes off the streets... and lots and lots of yummy buffalo mozzarella. Surely even Mr Ali cannot complain about that?

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