Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mui Wo rocks!

We may not have a bun festival which goes back hundreds of years but we do have a hip music festival that's into its seventh year. This year, despite the typhoon, there was a huge turn out for the weekend's bash. I even spotted metal barriers at the ferry pier... surely a first?

They also had more music stations, starting with one just outside the seafood centre. That was good because it set the mood for those coming off the ferry and heading to the beach. 

And the bands were good. This one, particularly... I think they were called Buskic. They didn't have expensive equipment – their drum box was just that, a box – but they managed to attract a large crowd. The lead singer had a lovely voice.

Silvermine Beach Resort, one of the festival sponsors, really got into the spirit of things. Their pub and snack store did a roaring business.

Apparently, they had quite a few famous local and Taiwanese bands playing over the weekend but I'm not savvy with the Cantopop scene. The leaflet mentioned ToNick, Yellow, Kolor, Killer Soap, Supper Moment and Ignite the Hope... must go and google them.

People had fun, and I think that was the most important thing.

Famous band being interviewed. Anyone know who they are?

Hope the festival will be even bigger next year!

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