Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mui Wo restaurants up their game

Lately, there have been quite a number of new eateries popping up. And that is great news for diners because it means that the existing ones have had to upgrade their offerings to keep the clientele coming. 

The Kitchen seems to have gotten over their patchy hump with a new chef. Pedro looks like he knows what he's doing... although service is still a bit hit and miss. That's Pedro's special: beef cubes in wine. Quite yummy but I'm not sure it's value for money at HK$78,

China Bear has added a whole new juice menu. You can have freshly squeezed juice with your breakfast too.
Other changes:

  • Gordon's has a new TV screen showing what he has to offer (the lamb briyani's always good). 
  • Deerhorn has included more stuff in their menu. The prawn curry (HK$95) is to die for!
  • Village Bakery is now serving coffee, along with deli stuff such as olives, prosciutto, feta-stuffed peppers (Buffalo Wilbur's favourite) and sundried tomatoes.

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