Saturday, September 1, 2012

Village Bakery is open... for trial runs!

Buffalo Wilbur has been taking to peering into the glass doors of Village Bakery for the past month, willing it to open. So when we saw the sign, can you guess who was in there like a flash?

I must say I didn't think it would be that big. It takes up two shops, one for the bakery cafe and the other for the kitchen.
As this was a trial, it wasn't fully stocked. But what they had was so impressive we wanted to buy up the whole shop. In the end, we settled for a date and walnut loaf, minced beef bun, sausage roll and mango pudding.

They open at 7am so leave yourself some time to pop into the place for freshly baked breakfast before hopping on the ferry.
The Village Bakery is opposite the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

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