Saturday, September 22, 2012

September flea market

This is the first time the flea market is being held on a Saturday -- which was good news for me because the kaido to Discovery Bay is only HK$12 instead of HK$15 (hey, a savings of HK$3 x 2 can get me a CD of Best Driving Hits so don't knock it).


The organisers also combined it with the equally popular Homemade Fair so it made the trip twice as worthwhile.

For those who think that this looks good, there's still time to head on down. The flea market only closes at 6pm and some vendors usually linger on till later.

This time, Buffalo Wilbur was smart. Instead of trudging from stall to stall with me in the heat, he holed himself up in Il Bel Paese with a nice meatball spaghetti. I used him as a pit stop so I could shop, dump goods at his feet, go shop some more... talk about a win-win situation!

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