Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Delicious

I've been meaning to go to Pui O Delicious (Tel: 2984-2298) for lunch ever since we had that yummy dinner at the place a few weeks ago. So today, I grabbed Buffalo Wilbur for an early hike over to Pui O, to reach there in time for (sneaky me) a nice Japanese set lunch.

The lunch sets at Pui O Delicious are really good value. They cost around HK$35-HK$45 and include a main dish, chawanmushi, miso soup and a drink (the mandarin orange is especially good after a long hike). I had the kaetsu set and Buffalo Wilbur had the stir-fried beef, which came with generous portions of enoki.

It was so good that I ordered another set to take home for dinner figuring that, seeing as I have to make that hike to get there, I might as well get my hike's worth.

Btw, I found that the restaurant has their own facebook page too here

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