Friday, November 26, 2010

Pure bliss

I have resisted posting this for some time because I'm afraid they'll get so busy I will never be able to find a slot there anymore. But Thai Pailin Massage (Tel: 3114-0030) is so good I just have to give them a mention. They can do things to the knots in my neck you can't ever imagine.

We used to hike a lot in Lamma and I often thought it was such a waste that a hippie haven like that didn't have the one absolute necessity of boho-dom: A massage place. After all, what can be more inviting than having your feet tenderly kneaded after a long afternoon of hiking?

But I don't care anymore - because I have Thai Pailin Massage in Mui Wo. Owned by a Thai woman named Pailin (duh), it offers a good massage at good rates. Amenities are basic but who cares if the treatment works?

The traditional massage (HK$98 for 45 minutes) is good but my pick is always the customised head and shoulders treatment (HK$130 an hour).

As you see, I get my kicks above the waistline. So if you're looking for "happy endings" or a tug to go with that rub, take your dodgy self elsewhere, sunshine.

Thai Pailin Massage is at Shop No 1, Seaview Building, Ngan Wan Road.

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