Thursday, November 4, 2010

Please don't occupy extra seats....

Of course, we would all love to have all three seats to ourselves on the ferry. Especially if you, like me, get a little seasick so don't want to get into conversation with others because that means making eye contact and taking your sights off the horizon.

Even if you don't get seasick, it's nice not be be poked in the eye by a lethal stick of curry fish balls or chopsticks wielded by an instant-noodle chomper. Or be elbowed in the ribs by someone reading a broadsheet (Tip to the wise: Get The Standard, it's free and tabloid sized so you don't have to spread your arms out like a fisherman describing the one that got away).

But when the ferries are packed with commuters in the mornings and evenings, it is the height of selfishness to grab the middle of three seats and glare at people who want to get in on either side of you. Or take up the remaining two seats with a paper bag, a smelly coat and a wet umbrella.

We all pay the same fare. So unless you are going to pay two more fares for those seats you've selfishly taken, I am going to stomp on your feet when I squeeze into one of them.

You have been warned.

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