Sunday, January 16, 2011

Flea fi fo fun!

I love flea markets. And were it not for Buffalo Wilbur, who acts as a clutter police, our flat would be filled to the brim with things nobody else wants.

Mui Wo could do with a charity shop, I think. It has everything necessary for an Oxfam or Salvation Army shop: well-to-do charity-minded wives and a ready pool of buyers (yours truly especially).

So of course, when I saw a sign advertising a flea market at Epiphany Church, I was excited. The strange thing was, the sign looked new but the date was 2009... so when exactly was it?

Turned out it was yesterday and today – and I was just in time to catch the last of the bargains.

The good thing about turning up half an hour before closing time, though, is you get a lot of stuff further marked down. I got a lovely Zara tweed skirt and Ralph Lauren silk shirt for HK$10 for two and three woolly scarves for HK$20.

It really brightened my weekend. Pity the flea market can't be held more often. And I get given ample warning.

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