Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nam Shan historical trail

You see it on signposts as you leave the ferry and on the big map of Mui Wo just before entering the beach. Nam Shan historical trail, according to the map, is 20 minutes from the beach and just beside Luk Tei Tong.

It caught my imagination. What does a historical trail have? Lots of stalls selling traditional goods? Cantonese opera performances? Maybe a few museums scattered along the way?

So, after a few false starts (including following a trail past the Luk Tei Tong temple into someone's garden), we finally found it. The start was an unassuming bit of dirt in someone's backyard leading first to a few graves (I hate graves but when you walk anywhere in the hills in Hong Kong Kong, you are sure to find one or two because of the good feng shui).

The AFCD website states: "Historical records show that South Lantau's complex circuitry of village paths date back several hundred years. Most stone trails still existing today, known as traditional paths, are frequented by hikers.''

But this path looked "historical" only in a sense that it was not modern. Instead of concrete stairs, huge boulders led the way upwards.

And it was up, up, up, without a pause. Sure, it was only half an hour but it felt like forever.

But it opened up to the Nam Shan picnic area, which felt like an English park. Very pretty... but I think next time, we'll just take a taxi there.

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