Saturday, January 22, 2011

Village carnival

It was our first Mui Wo carnival and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The setting was not very exciting – a concrete ground with patches of grass smelling of dog poo.

But the energy and charm was amazing.

There was a bouncy castle, bonsai exhibits, games stalls, a series of weird papier mache animals made with stools. And the entertainment was basic – a lion dance, a taekwondo exhibition, recitals and singing by the students of Mui Wo Primary School and Little Owls Kindergarten – but the fun was infectious.

The best bit was that the food was free! I had come armed with lots of coins to buy samples of the local cuisine but I didn't have to pull out my purse at all.

So, never one to pass up on free food, I was one of the firsts in the queue.

I passed on the chicken feet but the rest were good, especially the spring rolls and soya sauce chicken. There were even people walking among the crowd dispensing milk tea.

Bring on the next carnival... especially if there's more free food!


  1. Sixth picture up from bottom, middle child in grey sweater, that's our Matthew. lol