Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy birthday, Buddha

I got off the pier in Central at 9am today to be met by an unusual sight - people queueing up to get on the Mui Wo ferry. Buddha's birthday is probably the day when Mui Wo comes into its own as the place to take a bus to the Po Lin Monastery, where the action is all at today.

It's a pity though that the town doesn't take advantage of the fact and maybe hold a procession or allow vendors along the one-way road just for the day to tempt people who are waiting for the bus to Ngong Ping.

Just see how happening the road along my office is, with all the pretty windmills and dried stuff on sale to the crowds coming for the morning procession.

Those looking for a little cultural action should check out the Cheung Chau bun carnival tonight. The exciting bun scrambling competition starts at midnight.

Mui Wo residents can avoid the long queues to Cheung Chau by taking the inter-island ferry but be warned, the last ferry leaves Cheung Chau at 10.50pm and the next one is at 6am. I didn't see any notices stating they would be putting in an interim one so be prepared to spend the night on the beach.

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