Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Squash those litterbugs

I don't mind that people eat (sometimes very strong smelling stuff) on the ferries.

But what I do mind is accidentally sitting down on a food-stained tissue or banging my knee against a smelly styrofoam cup with curry sauce dregs stuffed into the seat.

The other day, I stepped on a piece of chewing gum which followed me all the way to work in the MTR.

Every time I get off the ferry I pass seats with trash left behind by commuters. I can understand leaving behind the newspapers... maybe the ferry crew can sell them for some money... but what about those empty bottles and styrofoam food containers?

The ferry crew are not servants; they are professional seamen.

So why do they have to pick up after these litterbugs?

I was stewing (silently) over this yesterday when a guy - who is my anti-litter hero now - spoke up. Picking up a discarded bottle, he asked the culprit, oh so politely: "I believe this is yours?"

Good on you, mate!

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