Thursday, May 5, 2011

Toilet talk

The first few times we came to Mui Wo on day trips we were rather put off by the fact that, if you needed to use the loo after eating at one of the nice restaurants, you either borrowed a key to go to the rather whiffy and toilet paperless toilet at the end of the block or you used the wet and whiffy public toiletnext to the seafood centre.

On Sundays and public holidays (when the crowd of day trippers are at its peak), it can be quite a nasty experience... which had made Buffalo Wilbur upchuck his expensive meal a couple of times.

What I don't understand is, why don't the nice restaurants have their own toilets so as to extend the pleasant experience? Is it because they are not allowed to or because they want to maximise the profitable areas?

And why don't the restaurants which can boast of their own private loos make more of them?
Some of the mums who drop off their kids at the Little Owls kindergarten have said they would be happy to stay longer if they had access to nappy-changing facilities.

I'm just glad I now have my own loo to run home to after my nice meal. Or maybe I should be grateful we don't have to use ancient outhouses like the one below?

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