Saturday, May 21, 2011

Leave those buffaloes alone!

Look at those cute calves and their parents. It's so peaceful just watching them munching away in the fields and wallowing in the mud.

I can't imagine anyone having the heart to shoot at them and spray them with chemicals, as reported by Lantau Link.

Makes me so angry to think about it I want to walk around with a spray gun full of chemicals to spray in the face of that person who was so cruel to Bruce and his pals.

I mean, they are buffaloes. They can't tell the difference between garden plants and food. And if you don't put up a fence, then it should be fair play to them. Grrr....

Sign the petition to save the buffaloes here.


  1. Sign the petition to save Mui Wo's three remaining water buffalo - and consider e-mailing it to like-minded friends ....