Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bringing up parents

I love kids and furkids. But I am not sure about their parents.

Case in point: We went to a lovely restaurant (which shall remain unnamed as it's not their fault their clientele can't behave themselves).

At the entrance, we were faced with one pooing kid and another running around smearing his ketchup-covered hands on everyone.

Ah well, kids will be kids.

Then, when our meal came, a couple came in with a wet dog and stood next to our table while deciding which table to pick to go.

The dog promptly did what wet doggies do and shook itself dry -- all over our food.

Dogs will be dogs.

But what irritated the heck out of me was that the parents, when we protested, glared at us instead of apologising.

"What can we do" seemed to be the unspoken justification. Plenty, actually.

I am fine with doggy and kid messes. But does anybody really want a mouthful of sand, seawater and fur all over their meal?

Especially when you then try to wipe your mouth and find your napkin has been liberally smeared with ketchup by a helpful kid, who has been petting another dog?

Yes, the dogs and kids can't help it. But their parents can. They can always dry the dog and wipe down the kids.

Sometimes, I think there should be an obedience school for parents of kids and furkids.

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