Friday, December 3, 2010

Opening up

Lantau Outlet, the shop at Scenic Crest selling bits and bobs you never thought you needed, is closing down. But never fear, you'll still be able to get your ceramic pine trees and lengths of chain.

It's just moving a few doors down, says the woman in the shop. She also says the vacated space will be taken up by an Italian deli.

I really hope it's true. Ever since the deli in Mui Wo Centre closed down, I haven't been able to assemble a decent sandwich.

But what's even better is that it hopefully heralds the start of Mui Wo becoming more happening. It will be great if the waterfront up to Sea Crest starts opening up with shops and restaurants. At the moment, it's a bit of a dead space past Wellcome.

In place of the old deli is Deer Horn restaurant and bar. Initially, we watched the sign going up and thought it was going to be some Scandinavian joint serving stuff like ice beer and vodka.

But no, Buffalo Wilbur popped his head in while the renovations were going on and found out it's actually going to serve Nepalese/Italian place. I'm not sure where the deer horn bit comes from (perhaps there are lots of deer in Nepal?) but I am game to try out a new spot.

Deer Horn opens today. Will keep you posted.

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