Saturday, December 25, 2010

Man Kok Tsui

We decided to try a new hike over Boxing Day. There was this beach we kept seeing from the ferry so we thought we'd try walking past Silvermine Bay beach, find this one, and then keep on to the tip of the bay.

It was a lovely discovery. The walk took us past holiday homes (with the inhabitants sitting outside enjoying the sunny weather) and abandoned pig farms. The beach was surprisingly clean, with pretty white corals and shells.

We thought we'd be hugging the contours of the hill so the walk shouldn't be too arduous but, after the beach, it took a steep climb upwards. Just as we thought of turning back, the views opened up in front of us and we could see all the way to Peng Chau and Central. It was breath-taking.

A sign post promised us Man Kok Tsui, which sits on a small promontory at the entrance to Silvermine Bay. So on we trudged.

We were not disappointed. Though it looked deserted, the houses and vegetable gardens in the village looked well-kept. And it had a view that encompassed Disneyland, Peng Chau, Central and Hei Ling Chau.

To make the walk even more magical, a tiny fishing boat turned up just as we were about to double back to Mui Wo. It has been hired by two guys who'd been out fishing but they very kindly allowed us to board. It cost HK$70 for both of us – which we were happy to pay for the 15-minute ride almost to our doorstep.


  1. Hi there, glad you liked Man Kok Tsui and well done for making the effort to explore. Most people never make it past the old abandoned chicken farm. You can find us relaxing there most weekends. Take a peek at our blog, See you soon.

  2. I love your blog. Actually I peeped into your house because it looked like the most loved in the area. Next time we go to Man Kok Tsui we will pop over and say hi (and totally perve your home renovations!).