Sunday, December 5, 2010

Comfort food

I realise I am always writing about the new eating places that I haven't posted any of my old favourites. There are some places we go to so frequently (ordering the same dishes all the time) that it didn't even cross my mind to blog about them.

How remiss of me. To make up for it, here are our regular haunts:

The China Bear (Tel: 2984 9720) along the waterfront, which has a casual feel and sweet waitresses like Evelyn, who greets me every morning when I'm on the way to the ferry. I always order the fish and chips (battered, not breaded) and it never disappoints.

Caffe Paradiso, also known as Tom's Cafe (Tel: 2984-0498), is always packed with harried mums dropping off their kids and grabbing a cuppa in the morning and languid freelancers getting a pick-me-up in the afternoon. Buffalo Wilbur says its serves the best and cheapest double espresso in Hong Kong.

Bombay Cafe (Tel: 2984-1847) is an Indian takeaway joint with a couple of small tables outside. If Tom's has the best coffee in Hong Kong, then Gordon's cooking is the best Indian food in the SAR. His lamb briyani and chicken tikka are so good we rarely order anything else.

And who doesn't know Bahce (Tel: 2984-0222), with its Turkish chef? Again, the food and service are consistently good. I always go for the hot mezze platter because those fried chillies are really to die for.

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