Saturday, June 4, 2011

Piece of heaven

There's one part of the Mui Wo-Pui O walk that we find absolutely magical. It's a bridge over a stream with the beach on one side anda water meadow filled with daisies on the other.

"Wouldn't it be lovely to build a house here?" I would often ask Buffalo Wilbur, who kept pointing out that the place was probably in the green belt and wouldn't be open to development.

On our last walk, however, we did find a house exactly on the spot where I said it'd be ideal to build one. It wasn't much of a house – the roof had caved in and it was surrounded by rusting gas canisters and rubbish everywhere.

But if you're prepared to look beyond that, you can see its potential. Lovely views, good fungshui, a private beach...

Pity we're not the only ones to spot its potential.

I do hope they develop it into something worthy of its setting and not another columbarium or something because that will really break my heart.

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